Why easyDiscount?

We target differently.

Comparing with directory listing sites, we target differently. Majority of consumer go to directory listing sites to search what they want. They already have what they want to purchase in mind.

While easyDiscount is targeting on those who don't have anything in mind and simply browsing through some attractive discount voucher and make transactions if they found any great one. In short, windows shopper.

We are simply different.

Besides targeting differently, we are also non-identical in various or terms such as charges. We charge only 15% of commission instead of the usual 25 - 30% market rates.

Top-notch Customer Service

We provide friendly and prompt services not only to our merchants but also to our customers. On top of that, easyDiscount is also prompt in terms of payment disbursement to its merchants.

Full Control

Have a total control over your discount vouchers, in short you D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) your own discount. Add in any pictures and videos you think best fit for your voucher or coupon.

Order and Customer Management

Unlike others. In easyDiscount, you manage your own order and customers by simply login to your merchant panel and have a full access and view over your vouchers, orders and customers live.

Instant Redemption

Wouldn't it be great if your customers can purchase your voucher in the morning and dine in your restaurant at the night? Or maybe buying the products or services today and able to use it on the following day? With easyDiscount, your customers can! We provide instant redemption. However it will require the merchant to check the order online.

Paperless Redemption

Go green! Redemptions are all paperless! It's simple, just jot down your voucher code anywhere and show it upon redemption. Hassle free for those who don't have a printer.

Tier Purchase

Encourage everyone to purchase more by setting tier level of discounts. When the amount of transaction hits the individual tiers, price of the product will be cheaper.

Packaged Deal

Packaged deal is where you set an additional cheaper price for a bulk purchase of your voucher or coupon.

Redemption By Date

You can choose the dates that is only open for voucher's redemption.

Redemption by Branch

Customise and run your deal for only selected outlets or branches.

Any question? Read our FAQ or contact our customer support