easyDiscount F.A.Q.

How do I purchase a discount?

Just click "ORDER NOW” button on the discount page and proceed with payment your payment via our secured payment gateway. Please read terms of the discount prior to your purchase.

What if I would like to cancel my purchase?

Please inform us before the discount item has ended unless the item are on instant redemption. We will help to proceed with your cancelation request and make a full refund amount to you. If the cancellation is requested after credit card has been charged, you will need to absorb for the credit card/bank cancellation charges.

Is easyDiscount safe?

Yes. Your transactions are transmitted by secured payment gateway and stored directly to a secure electronic vault. We do not store any of your credit cards details.

Is the payment/ transaction facility secured?

Completely secured. Your transactions in easyDiscount will be going through:

  1. Paypal which is one of the most reliable payment gateway in the world.
  2. iPay (Mobile88.Com Sdn Bhd, Co. No. 521817-M) which is currently the most reliable online payment gateway in Malaysia.

Is online bank transfer acceptable?

Yes, iPay support online fund transfers via most of the local banks in Malaysia; Paypal support online fund transfers via most international banks.

How to assure that the discount voucher is valid? How can you assure me that the online discount item that I bought is valid and it is not an internet scam? We are trying to build a long term business and the last thing we wanted to do is spoiling our long build reputation. Besides that, our payment provider Paypal & ipay88.com take Internet scam scheme very seriously and they will lock our payments if there are such complaints against us.

How do I make a redemption?

You will receive a unique serial number with redemption instruction once the you purchased the discount voucher. Save your voucher code in your mobile (sms or photo) and show it to the merchant for paperless redemption and enjoy your purchase!

Can I buy easyDiscount as a gift for someone else?

Surely you can, purchase unlimited easyDiscount vouchers to parents / friends / partner as gift, unless the voucher is set with a limited amount of purchase which will be specified in the discount page.

Can the easyDiscount be used as a gift since my name is printed on it?

Yes! The name on the easyDiscount is transferable unless specifically stated. Just forward your voucher code and your name to your friends or family. Each easyDiscount is valid as long as the serial number has not been used.

Can I redeem or use the balance amount at next visit if the full amount of my easyDiscount is not fully used?

Sorry, this is not applicable unless specifically stated in the deal.

Can I combine my easyDiscount with other offers or specials?

Unfortunately no, unless it is specifically stated.

How I can confirm my purchase is successfully made?

  1. A confirmation email will be sent to you after payment is received.
  2. Voucher code will be available in your 'my Discount' account within 24 hours after your purchase.

Can I still use my easyDiscount if it is expired?

All easyDiscount voucher has to be used within the specific redemption period, unless it is specifically stated.

What happen to my easyDiscount voucher if the merchant seize their business?

We will make sure you get your money back.

How do I receive the payment after my item is sold?

  1. If you're doing Food & Beverage

    Payment will be separated into 4 times, each time 25% off total amount when discount item ends. The first payment will be disburse directly into your bank account after 1 week from the initial day the discount item close. Subsequently you will receive the remain 75% every 2 weeks. All payments will be made on every Thursday.

  2. If you're selling products

    Payment will be separated into 2 times (first time 70% and second time 30%). Payment will be disburse to your bank account once we receive your item shipment details to your customer (such as tracking number, customer name, discount code). The remaining 30% will be credited to you after 2 weeks of the first 70% disbursement. All payments will take place on each Thursday.

    NOTE: Payment disburse are all after charges and shipping fees.

How much do I charged per discount sold?

  1. If you're doing Food & Beverage

    For all food and beverage businesses, you will be charged 20% off overall amount of sales made when the discount ends.

  2. If you're selling products

    For all products merchant, you will be charged 15% off overall amount of sales made over the discount.

How do I claim my payment?

  1. If you're doing Food & Beverage

    Payment will be made automatically after our calculation once the discount ends. There's nothing much you need to do at this stage.

  2. If you're selling products

    Once you've ship the item to your customers, kindly update in the shipment tracking code into the particular order under your deal management in your merchant panel and we will be notified on your shipment and proceed with the payment disburse.

What if my customer want to self collect and I can't provide shipment's tracking code?

You shall NOT provide any self collect or cash on delivery method as you have included your shipping charges on your discount item.

How long does it takes until the money is credited to my account after payment is sent?

Once we've made payments, it would usually take 1 - 2 working days until you see the payment is credited into your account.

Facing login problem?

Place take note that the email account that you use to subscribe to our newsletter does not create an easyDiscount account for you. Therefore, you might be receiving our emails and newsletter even without a registration. If your email address is not recognized by our system, you might have to register in order to start purchasing a discount voucher.

Forget password?

The "forgot password" link will send a notification to your account-holding email address with a link to reset your password, but there could be some delay before you receive this email.

Where do I get my easyDiscount code after my purchase?

  1. A confirmation email will be sent to you after payment is received.
  2. Discount code will be available in your 'My Discount' account within 24 hours after the payment is made. Sometimes it will take a few hours to get updates from your credit card payment provider. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still not see your order after a day.

Can I show the unique serial number with my hand phone / handwritten paper?

Of course you can and it happens only with easyDiscount - FIRST in Asia Daily Discount site who goes for paperless redemption. We love Mother Earth just like we love you!

Can I use my easyDiscount separately if I had purchase more than one discount quantity?

Yes, just show the merchant your particular discount code that you intend to use for that particular visit.

I did not receive my easyDiscount email confirmation?

If you can’t find your easyDiscount in the inbox, kindly check the spam folder as well as it is possible that the spam filter of your mail account has mistaken our mail for spam. If the problem still persists, please contact us and we will trace your order.

What should I do if I lost my easyDiscount?

Rest assure that this will not happens with easyDiscount as your discount code will be available online in your 'My Discount' account. Friendly reminder: please do not simply forward your confirmation email / easyDiscount code to anyone unless you wish to give your easyDiscount as a gift.