What is easyDiscount?

easyDiscount is an easy way to get HUGE discounts while discovering new and fun activities in your surrounded area. Each day we feature some cool and new discount voucher at an unbeatable price in various cities (Penang, KL, JB and etc) across Malaysia. From restaurants, theatres, spas, stores to special events, we work with the BEST local businesses to offer discount vouchers each day at an INCREDIBLY low price.

Using easyDiscount is easy! Check in everyday to see the new discount or subscribe to our daily alert and the discount will be emailed to you each morning. If you see something you want to grab, just hit the BUY button. Login if you're already a returning customer, otherwise sign up and unleash yourself to the world of discounts. To ensure our merchants to be overwhelmed by customers, we make sure our customers enjoy the best offer and discount coupon we could get. When you find a discount you like, simply enter your name and make payment. You don’t have to do anything else. Full refund will be given if the deal is not on. To make sure that the deal reaches its maximum, tell your friends using Facebook, Twitter, email or even SMS.

When the deal has ended, you will see your easyDiscount redemption code in your account and you may use the code upon your redemption.

These discounts aren't just for you! easyDiscount make great gifts! You may purchase any of our discount vouchers and send it to your friends or loved ones as a gift certificate which is great and convenient for everyone, especially when you're far away from them.

easyDiscount is a great way for sending gifts from across the globe to Malaysia.

easyDiscount now makes it easier than ever to assemble a huge group of people with the BARGAINING POWER to get amazing discounts!

So what are you waiting for? Get your easyDiscount right away!

Do I have to sign up in a group to get the discount?

Not necessary, everyone in easyDiscount made up a big group together. However, you may refer your friends to join and purchase to make the discount voucher even cheaper (on selected discount vouchers). The power of collective buying creates win-win situation for everyone.

When will easyDiscount be in my city?

Hopefully as soon as possible with our rapid growing momentum. However, your comments and suggestions are very important for our easyDiscount development, so please feel free to drop us your opinions.

What makes easyDiscount different from others?

We truly understand that a great price isn't everything - it has to be bundled with fantastic products great and customer service.

We feature discount vouchers on the best restaurants, concerts, events, lessons, tours, spas, salons, retail shops, and many more. easyDiscount make luxuries affordable, so now there is no excuse for staying in.

Why we have purchase the voucher within a limited time?

easyDiscount obtain such amazing discounts by negotiating and made guarantee on a minimum purchase volume within a short period of time, therefore it is why the discounts are up for a limited time only.

I want to sell something on easyDiscount, what are the steps?

Simply sign up an account and head over to your profile > Merchant Panel then fill in your information and we will get back to you shortly.

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